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Best Tours and Activities in Singapore
Once dismissed as just a stopover, Singapore is now one of the most visited places in the world. Reinvented itself from a small trading port to a world tourism destination, Singapore sightseeing is on the priority list of almost every traveller. Fondly known as the ‘city of gardens’, Singapore’s list of things to do is pretty long and you need an expert to take you through the b...Read moreest of all its attractions. Rayna’s Singapore tours are exclusively designed to allow you enjoy the length and breadth of the country like a local. We know what you look for in an ideal package and that is exactly why all our Singapore tours promise you of ultimate comfort, the detailed orientation of all the country’s best attractions, and a peep into its varied culture and heritage.
If you love to shop, or know someone who is, then a trip to Singapore is the best thing for you. Top designer brands, high street fashion, street fashion, and street markets where you can bargain for everything. Orchard Road in Singapore has the greatest concentration of shopping malls in the world and Rayna tours promises to take you to the best of all of the shopping sites.
This beautiful island country is a melting pot of multiple cultures. Its people are of Chinese, Indian, Malaysian, Arab and European descent. Even though they are multicultural, all Singaporeans speak a common language that’s a blend of Malay, English, Cantonese, and Tamil and Hokkien words. This language is called Singlish, short for Singaporean English. To ensure language is never a problem with our guests during their tours in Singapore, a fluent English speaking guide with a thorough knowledge of Singaporean diction is available.
Singapore is flooded with various cultural milestones including the best of ancient Hindu temples, Buddhist monasteries, colonial churches and mosques. Attractions in Pagoda Street in Chinatown, which boasts of oldest Hindu Sri Mariamman Temple and the Jamae Mosque are perfect examples for the same. Rayna tours ensure while on your Singapore excursions, you never miss out on these landmarks. While Singapore is architecturally beautiful with its magnificent, tall buildings there’s a lot more to be explored, appreciated and cherished. When you dig a little deeper into the city-state area, there are several nature parks and wildlife sanctuaries in their natural environment. Touring is the best way to get a feel of the food, customs, and worship aspects of the culture. Singapore is a mix of British, Sumatran, Malay Chinese and Indian cultures. You can see this cultural mix in the city’s art, architecture, costumes, food and speech.
Rayna offers exclusive Singapore sightseeing tours to explore Mount Faber, Marina Sands area and the Botanical Gardens. Singapore’s history is unique; the country has been ruled by the Malays, the Chinese, the British and the Japanese. It has traded with Indians, Malays, Arabians and the Chinese as well. You can glean Singapore’s history through the beautifully presented museums.
One of the best things to do in Singapore is to shop for food souvenirs. Singapore’s cultural tapestry is shot through with threads of Malay, Indian, Chinese, European and Arab cultures. Needless to say, food in Singapore reflects this multi-cultural identity, even the yummy snacks! Don’t forget to explore the food scene of Singapore with Rayna tours.
Promising you the best of adventure, relaxation, serenity and exploration, Rayna tours create customised packages based on your personal preferences. If you’re a fan of lush greenery, amazing man-made wonders and astounding beauty, Singapore is the place for you and Rayna tours is your best bet to help you enjoy it to the best. Come and relish Singapore in all its might with Rayna tours at unbelievable affordability today!

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