Qasr Al Watan Abu Dhabi from Dubai

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Qasr Al Watan Abu Dhabi from Dubai Overview

Qasr Al Watan Abu Dhabi from Dubai

Escape from Abu Dhabi’s usual sights and find your way to the extraordinary Qasr Al Watan or the Palace of the Nation! A striking segment of the capital city’s Presidential Palace complex, Qasr Al Watan is where the significant government buildings are located. Besides the meeting place of the country’s supreme constitutional authority, it also serves as a venue to host the global leaders during their UAE visit. As it’s now opened to the public, come trace the footprints of royals while gaining a better understanding of the Emirati culture, heritage and architectural opulence.

Experience one of the finest in the Royal Arabian architecture as you step inside the facility and find yourself under the country’s largest central dome. Watch videos displaying the intriguing facets of the palace architecture and further work your way across its diverse sections enriched by intricate, attention to detail artistry. Admire the massive chandeliers with over 300,000 crystal pieces, discover the Room of Gifts with the choicest items on display, check out the House of Knowledge, and marvel at the extravagance of the Presidential Banquet area, among others.

There are many attractions that allow for immersive experiences; try producing fascinating calligraphy on interactive screens and spectacle an evening light and sound show which not only steps you back in time but also journeys you through present and into the future. Featuring a vast array of authentic publications on the region’s culture, history, archaeology, and constitution, Qasr Al Watan library deserves a special mention too. You’ll also get to explore the lush landscape surrounding the palace. Take a walk under the elegantly tranquil archways and get the best views of palace from its lawn.

Qasr Al Watan Abu Dhabi from Dubai Highlights

  • It gives you the unique chance to trace the footsteps of some of the world’s greatest leaders and most inspiring personalities. 
  • Located within Abu Dhabi’s Presidential Palace complex, this is probably the UAE’s ultimate attraction to admire the royal Emirati architecture. 
  • You’ll get to take in its intricate adornments and rich detailing up close; see the palace walls, ceilings etc. decorated with over 5000 meticulously crafted geometric patterns. 
  • Discover its diverse sections which will help to deepen your knowledge about the region’s rich culture and heritage. 
  • The centerpiece is its Great Hall which allows you stand beneath the country’s largest dome. 
  • Another main section is the Governance and Spirit of Collaboration, the venue of the summits of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation. An enormous chandelier with over 350,000 crystals adds to its splendor.
  • The Barza, Presidential Gifts, and the Presidential Banquets are its other must-experiences. 
  • There is also a lush green garden and a massive library with over 50,000 books plus a digital section comprising over 16 million titles. 
  • Depending on your time of visit, you’ll also get to watch Palace in Motion, a 15-minute light and sound show, which takes you through the country’s past, present and future.

Qasr Al Watan Abu Dhabi from Dubai Inclusions

  • Opportunity to gain a better understanding of the Emirati royalty, culture and heritage
  • Experience a slice of the region’s royal architectural opulence
  • See its diverse sections including Room of Gifts, House of Knowledge and Presidential Banquet Room.
Qasr Al Watan Abu Dhabi from Dubai 
  • Please bring a valid Photo ID/passport with you as it is required to be displayed at the entrance.
  • Consumption of food and drink is not permitted in the great hall or exhibition rooms.
  • No heavy luggage is allowed during this visit.
  • Tickets can only be used for the selected date or the date will be printed on the ticket
  • The Light Show will be at 06:45 PM. last entry will be at 06:15. 
  • The ticket includes access to the Palace in Motion (Light show). If it takes place on the date of your visit
  • The last entry to the Palace in Motion (Light show) is 45 minutes before the show time.
  • Timings may change and are subject to sunset timings.

Qasr Al Watan Abu Dhabi from Dubai Location

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Qasr Al Watan Abu Dhabi from Dubai Reviews

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Review ImagePaul AAugust 2023
Impressive Gallery

The wide range of presents at display in the Presidential Gifts gallery testifies an excellent diplomatic tie of UAE with the rest of the world. The tie of friendship between UAE and the world can be best judge looking at the presents.

Review ImageAnne LAugust 2023
Superlative architecture

Qasr Al Watan is a stunning edifice constructed with white granite and attractive artworks that features complex yet beautiful inlay designs all over are captivating.

Review ImageClariceJuly 2023
Stunning Design of the Great Hall

Entering the Great Hall is like stepping into a world of authority and the past. The elaborate furnishings and large room give off a sense of grandeur befitting important occasions.

Review ImageAbrahamJuly 2023
Arabain Architecture at Zenith

If you’re curious about Royal Arabian architecture, then visit Qasr Al Watan. The intricate details and attention to craftsmanship applied into its each section is outstanding. The House of Knowledge and the opulence of the Presidential Banquet area are stunning.

Review ImageRuthsmumJune 2023
Soothing to the eyes and mind

Taking a stroll in the lush green garden, exploring the library, admiring the massive chandeliers bearing 300,000 crystal pieces, discovering the choicest items in the Room of Gifts, and other sections make Qasr Al Watan a must-visit to understand the culture, heritage, and architectural opulence of the region.

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