Al Shindagha Museum

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Al Shindagha Museum Overview

Al Shindagha MuseumImmerse yourself in the authentic Emirati history and culture with your Al Shindagha Museum ticket. A cluster of 21 meticulously preserved Houses, packed with the most interactive displays and experiences, await you here. Follow the footsteps of the past Dubai rulers, learn the secrets of making Emirati perfume, get a slice of the Emirati hospitality and traditional foods, and acquaint yourself about the region’s exciting trade history, among many others, on your visit to this museum at the historical Dubai Creek area.

Go Back Into the Emirati Past
Al Shindagha Museum is where all aspects of the Emirati history, heritage and traditions are represented across its 21 well curated Houses or Pavilions at Al Shindagha Historic District. Tucked away along the quaint alleys (close to the legendary Dubai Creek), the museum setting is just as striking as its exhibits on display. All these make it one of the ultimate places to explore the region’s both tangible and intangible cultural treasures.

Enter Al Maktoum Residence, See Perfume House & Visit Other Houses

Exceptional standouts among the houses here are Al Maktoum Residence and Perfume House. Al Maktoum Residence remains as a time capsule of the 19th century Emirati royalty, being once the residence of the ruling Dubai dynasty. At the Perfume House, you not only get to discover the significance of fragrances in the Emirati culture, but also get the rare chance to know the traditional art of making perfumes and scented oil using natural ingredients. There are also houses dedicated to traditional crafts, traditional jewelry, traditional food and traditional healthcare to name a few.

See Dubai’s Evolution with Ingeniously Crafted Experiences
From the origin of Dubai’s trading industry and the diverse historic journeys to the role of oral traditions (involving folklores, poetry and music) and the influence of the region’s natural environment, the museum narrates almost every facet of the Emirati past and culture in the most immersive way, backed by the cutting-edge audio-visual techniques and high-end installations. Experience all at its best as you drop into the houses or pavilions, particularly Dubai Creek Birth of City, Life on Land, Culture of the Sea, and Children’s Pavilion.

Assistance of Expert Cultural Guides
With so much to explore and see in the museum, it can be an overwhelming experience to cover them all in a few hours. But, the presence of friendly and trained local guides makes it easier for you to discover the museum’s both major highlights and hidden gems. That’s not all, they make sure that you admire these displays while gaining an in-depth understanding of each of them.

Al Shindagha Museum Highlights

  • Dive into the intriguing Emirati past as you enter this enlightening museum. 
  • Be in amazement at the mix of immersive audio-visual experiences, art objects, photographs, and other displays that spans 21 Houses across Al Shindagha Historic District.  
  • Step into Al Maktoum Residence to discover the lives of the former Dubai rulers as well as their fascinating achievements. 
  • Admire and know in detail how the heavenly Emirati fragrances are made and used at the Perfume House. 
  • Learn about the region’s unmatched tangible and intangible heritage, get a closer look at the vast collection of Emirati jewelry pieces, and explore the traditional healthcare system as you explore its diverse houses. 
  • Let your little ones be part of the interactive storytelling session within the inspiring settings of Children’s Pavilion.
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Al Shindagha Museum Inclusions

  • Entry ticket to Al Shindagha Museum 
  • Access to its 21 Houses or Pavilions 
  • Services of trained cultural guides
  • Transfers (if selected)

Al Shindagha Museum 
  • All personal expenses spend for shopping, drinks and dining etc on-site during the tour.

Al Shindagha Museum 

Al Shindagha Museum 
  • Please bring a valid photo ID/passport with you as it is required to be displayed at the entrance.
  • There will be no refund for partly utilized services.
  • Transportation to arrive on time and prevent no-shows. Refund requests for transfer issues can be submitted later.
  • Please check the operational timing on the official website to avoid any consciences.

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Al Shindagha Museum Reviews

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Review ImageLafe SSeptember 2023
Immersive Al Shindagha Museum

My visit to Al Shindagha Museum was an immersive experience. The 21 houses of the museum are nicely set up. But for me, the Al Maktoum Residence and Perfume House are the best among all the pavilions.

Review ImageFederico DSeptember 2023
Kamran end saidq

It was all beautiful. The guide introduced us to every single point of Abu Dhabi. Excellent. I recommend everyone to come here and maybe meet our guide.

Review ImageIsabel TorreSeptember 2023
Explore UAE’s history & culture

The interactive displays, multimedia presentations, and interactive touchscreens at Al Shindagha Museum are engaging. There is no need to visit Wikipedia to learn about UAE’s history and culture if you visit this Museum.

Review Image Tina KSeptember 2023
Explore traditional crafts, jewellery, and food

I enjoyed looking at the traditional crafts, jewellery, and food at the museum. Each preserved house at the museum stand outs from one another and highlights a unique story of Emirati history and culture.

Review ImagePiyush SSeptember 2023
Fabulous spot for history enthusiasts

Al Shindagha Museum is a fabulous spot in Dubai to enjoy UAE’s heritage. It is a must-visit for all history enthusiasts.

No Reviews Available